iKarate-Do is an app written for new karate students to assist them in the basics of Japanese language and Dojo terminology.

Learn how to tie a karate belt (there is more than one way to do this correctly – this app shows a common method).

The app contains video and audio instruction of Japanese numbers, karate terminology and common karate commands.

In addition, the app includes three quizzes so you can test your knowledge!

The introduction section relates specifically to Wado Ryu / Wadokai as this is the style of karate we get a kick out of ;)

We hope you enjoy this app and we would appreciate any and all feedback.

We have subsequent updates with even more content planned for the coming months! (time permitting of course)



The app is available in two flavours on the iTunes App Store, a free iAds supported version : link-badge-appstore_2x iKarate-Do Free


and a child friendly paid version: link-badge-appstore_2x iKarate-Do




If you are Wadokai then I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the best source of Wado-Ryu training materials (outside of the Dojo with your Sensei) can be found here:



If you are near East Yorkshire and looking to start learning Karate then we recommend Kingston Wadokai