Before East Yorkshire Apps existed, our founder was working as a contract native iOS developer.

Time and again clients would task him with re-building their app from scratch as their cross-platform version was such a poor quality product. Thus we remain firm believers in utilising native development to deliver quality products.

We focus upon iOS development to ensure we can concentrate upon building quality products.

We use Xcode / Objective-C and leverage new Apple technologies as they are released to ensure our service is ahead of the lowest common denominator scenario of using cross-platform technologies such as PhoneGap/Titanium.

After all, only by building apps natively can you have any level of certainty that your app will still function correctly when the next version of iOS is made public. If your iOS app developer isn’t using Apple Storyboards, Auto-Layout and Size Classes then they (or you) are potentially heading for a big fall. This is going to become even more important going forward as Apple release devices in an ever greater variety of form factors, screen resolutions and aspect ratios.

Contact us and we can help you move in the right direction.