As in any professional services arena, organisations of differing sizes in distinct parts of the world have a variety of charging structures. We like to keep ours simple, honest and up-front.

Here in the UK, if you are looking for developer resource you typically have three options:

1) Freelancers
Freelance developers are usually the lowest cost option as they often have less experience and minimal expenses outside of their IT equipment. Freelancers are often good for flexibility as they take on small jobs with a quick turn-around. A good source of freelancers is where you will find freelance developers that range in cost from £80 per day (off-shore) to £400 per day (UK professionals).

2) Contractors
Contractors are more expensive than freelancers and are a good option if you require resource to deliver a one-off product that is not a small piece of work. Costs for good contractors in the UK typically range from £300 to £600 per day. The main downside to hiring contractors is that they typically require a minimum 3 month contract. A good web-site to locate or advertise iOS developer contracts is

3) Software Development House
A typical specialised software development house in the UK charges £800 to £1,000 per day and the timescale for development is generally the longest due to work schedule of a variety of clients with conflicting demands.

As a potential purchaser of developer services you can see that there is quite an extensive range in the cost and quality of the services available to you.

If you then factor in that some organisations advertise a low rate and inflate the hours required for a project it becomes even more difficult from your perspective “to compare apples with apples”.

Our approach is straight-forward, and we think; refreshing:

We provide a professional service akin to hiring a software development house. We have on-hand experienced visual design staff in addition to iOS developer resource. We take your initial brief, however brief it may be, and provide a well considered proposal for our services.

We provide the flexibility and responsiveness of hiring a freelancer. We can undertake small jobs (the smallest first task for a new client is a day’s work). You do not need to hire us for an entire month, let alone for 3 months.

We have built a complete iOS app for a client in as little as a week of development time.

We normally provide our remote services for a low-range contractor rate of £320 per day. For longer engagements, graphically rich or educational projects we are sometimes able to offer a lower rate of £240 per day.

Furthermore, when we work for you we are happy to provide a fixed-price proposal so you always know the maximum cost up-front.

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